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"Gathered Separately, Worshiping Together"


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Protocols for In-Person Worship




The following Worship protocols during the pandemic will be observed:

Reservations to attend services will be required

Peg Brown is serving as “hostess/reservations”

Reservations must be made no later than the THURSDAY before service

Contact Peg Brown at pegbrown07@gmail.com to reserve a seat

You may also contact her at 301-582-5811

Reservations must include the names of all family members attending

Maximum Seating Capacity:  86 (may be fewer depending on family units attending)

The reservation list will be given to the screeners before service so they can check off who is in attendance. This list will be kept on file should an outbreak occur and we need to notify people of this.

As a reminder, the Nursery will be unavailable until further notice

ONLY the elevator door and the Tower entrance on Prospect St. will be open. All attendees will be screened at those two entrances, including temperature checks. Masks must be worn by everyone in attendance except infants and toddlers. Hand sanitizer will be available.

To limit exposure, parishioners will be allowed entry beginning around 9 a.m.

Ushers will help direct people to pews, release people for Communion, and dismiss people following the organ postlude.

Bulletins will be placed at either end of an open pew

All BCP/Hymnals have been removed from the nave

The complete service will be printed in the bulletin

Bulletins are not to be left at the church but must be taken home by worshipers

Hymns will only be sung by the cantor(s)

If you have a desire to “make a joyful noise,” you are welcome to hum along, but please do not sing as that expels more particulates than speaking or humming.

Pews will be marked off for allowable seating

Offering plates will be placed in stationary locations

Please place your offering in a plate before service as you are seated

Plates will be brought forward one at a time during offertory anthem

Placed in basket in front of altar

Celebrant will move offering basket to side of altar before beginning Communion

Liturgical party will consist of:

Lector (will be seated in North Transept or Aisle seat close to N. Transept)

1 or 2 Cantors (will maintain 20' distance between each other and Deacon/Priest)


Deacon (seated in front of first pew on lectern side)

Priest (seated in front of first pew on pulpit side)


Priest will apply hand sanitizer before preparing table

Communion rite will be said with mask

Priest will commune self first

Only the priest will consume the wine

Priest will reapply hand sanitizer before administering Communion to parishioners

Hosts to be administered in front of Nave Altar in standing position

Communicants to approach physically distanced and wearing mask

Arms fully outstretched to receive

Priest will administer host with outstretched arm and not touching the communicant

Communicant will consume the host either on their way to their seat or at their seat


Parishioners are to exit the building immediately after the postlude

Waiting until after the postlude will help with traffic flow and limit contact

Exit doors will be opened after the postlude by the ushers

Ushers will release pews to allow for physical distancing

Pews will be released “exit to middle”

Parishioners may not socialize in the building, but may gather in the parking lot to socialize with appropriate distancing

We are approved for Sunday morning worship only

Commissions are still encouraged to meet via Zoom (or similar platform)

Small, in-person meetings may meet if they receive approval from the Rector

In order to help contain the spread of COVID, we will continue with one service at 9:30 on Sunday

We will also continue to work to improve our online worship presence

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