Wednesday Word: This Place

We had our annual Vestry retreat this past weekend where all but one were present (and our prayers go out for Will Godwin and and a full recovery from knee surgery). We spent some time getting our new members up to speed, getting to know a little more about each other, and assigning positions for the various commissions. All in all it was a good day.

One of the things that was brought up was how, even when we disagree, we have respectful discussions. We are all different. We all may have different priorities and different understandings. But those differences don't preclude us from continuing to respect each other and work for the overall benefit of this place.

This past Sunday was a full day. Besides the usual worship schedule, we had the J2A bake sale and lunch, a meeting of the EYC (for all youth 6th grade and older), and the first scheduled meeting for TEC 101 (a class I hold for people new to the church and/or faith, and anyone else who wants to know a little more about those). During the 10:15 service, one of our acolytes took ill and virtually passed out. Luckily it was into the arms of another parishioner who noticed she wasn't looking too good. She was attended to, her parents were notified, and another acolyte made a quick change to cover for her. All of this shows me that we are active and caring in this place.

Monday evening as I walked through the church before Evening Prayer, I was again reminded of how beautiful this place is. And as I read the Office, I was reminded of how holy this place is.

This place isn't perfect. We have building issues. We have budget issues. It is made up of fallible human beings. But this place is beautiful. This place is doing relatively well when it comes to the budget. This place is made up of people who care for its well-being and work hard to proclaim the Good News of God's kingdom.

This is a good place, and I hope you are as happy and excited to be a part of it as I am.



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