Wednesday Word: This is fun

This is fun . . . Really

Over the course of this past Sunday and Monday I have spent 24 hours on the job, as both were 12-hour days.

On Sunday I arrived at the church at 7, as usual, in order to get ready for services. Between the 8 and 10:15 services I spent time with the J2A group as they worked through some issues of social justice, activism, and community organizing. When finished there I went back to the sacristy and prepared for the second service. Following that there was time spent at coffee hour, an Evensong rehearsal, and a bit of sermon prep. Then I spent time with 15 other women at a paint party in the parish hall to support the J2A's New York excursion. When that was over, it was time for Evensong. The service was beautiful. If you didn't get to attend in person, I highly recommend watching it on our Facebook page. And then there was time spent at the reception (which was wonderfully catered by Bruce Massey and his crew).

I got home just after 7:00.

Monday at 7 I had breakfast with the Dijano group at Bob Evans over by the mall. Again, as usual. This is a group of people who gather once a week to talk about what needs to be worked on at the church. Their list is formed by people telling them, “Dijano there's a light out above the choir stall? Dijano the sink in the bathroom is dripping? Dijano the lock in the sacristy door is causing problems?” They are a dedicated group who love their church and I'm glad to know them.

After breakfast I head over to the office to put together a visitation list and go make, or attempt to make, house calls. I had lunch with my wife and then it was sermon work, Evening Prayer, and the Bible study class.

I got home just before 7:30.

I write all this not to make you feel guilty for any lack of church attendance, nor to boast in an attempt to show you how hard I'm working, but to reinforce that we are a very active parish and that our people care deeply about St. John's. There are a variety of opportunities for worship. There are many ways to participate in that worship. There is an active youth presence. We are (getting better at) broadcasting our services out across the world wide web. There are many unsung heroes who do many wonderful things. And there are a variety of opportunities for learning.

I don't want all my days to be twelve hours long, but when they are, I am grateful for how we reflect and present the spirit of God to those around us (he said in his best “Most Interesting Man in the World” voice). I hope that you find this place to be as fun, energizing, informative, and spirit-filled as I do. Because, really, this is fun.



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