Wednesday Word: Thank You

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who made this past Holy Week such a great experience. It always seems that the second Holy Week of my tenure in a parish is one of the more memorable. The first one is usually a time of figuring things out in the new place, getting used to how the new priest does things (“Is he REALLY going to make us start at 6 a.m.?”), and just sort of seeing/learning how things will go.

But that second one . . . that second one seems to be when it all comes together for the first time. Oh, there were still a few glitches here and there, but it was a wonderful week, even if it did start out a bit chilly on Palm Sunday.

People participated in the Stations of the Cross and the other services. We shared a meal and washed feet. We once more endured the emotional turmoil of betraying and crucifying Christ. Holy Saturday was an amazingly somber and meaningful liturgy as we wept over Jesus in the grave. And both Easter Day services should have made us all happy to be Christians.

Thank you to Mark King and the choir for their dedication and beautiful music. Thank you to Joyce Chabot and the altar guild for their hard work in preparing the church for all the services. Thank you to Kristy and Chad Gross for their work with the acolytes. Thank you to Jennifer Sealing, Tracey Happel, and Betty Markle for coordinating the Maundy Thursday supper and Easter breakfast. Thank you to the Lectors and LEM's who performed their jobs admirably. Thank you to Melonie who prepared the bulletins. And thank you to everyone who participated in the various liturgies – because without you none of this could have happened.

On this Wednesday of Easter Week, and throughout the Easter season, let us not forget those mighty acts of Jesus' Passion, nor let us become indifferent to the power of his Resurrection. May we continue to celebrate with awe the Paschal feast, abide in his presence, rejoice in hope, and open our eyes to all his redeeming work in the world around us.

Alleluia! Christ is Risen!



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