Wednesday Word: Super Bowl?

Super Bowl?

This was the Super Bowl? This was the ultimate game of the season? A game that featured two teams that probably shouldn't have been in the game? The Patriots managed to make it to their ninth title game in eighteen years by ripping the Chiefs defense to shreds in overtime. The Rams managed to make it to their fourth title game since 1979 aided both by a missed pass interference call and their defense stopping the Saints from scoring in overtime. There were 49 points scored in the Rams/Saints game, and 68 scored in the Patriots/Chiefs game.

And we got this for the Super Bowl? A game that was 3-0 at halftime? A game that only had one touchdown? A game with only one snap inside the opponents 20 yard line? A game where punts were the most exciting things to happen? A game with 13 total points and no good commercials?

This was the Super Bowl?

Yes . . . yes it was. It was a game nobody expected.

With the way teams were scoring points this year, most people expected a high-scoring affair. Most people expected to see an offensive display not seen since the St. Louis Rams' “Greatest Show on Turf” days. I think I anticipated a score of 31-28. Nobody saw this coming.

This is how life goes sometimes. We don't actually live in a world of constant excitement, car chases, and derring-do. We live in a world of ups and downs, fast times and slow times, excitement and boredom. But somewhere along the line we seem to have gotten the idea that those things in which we participate or to which we pay attention have to always be exciting, they have to keep us entertained; and when they don't do that, when they don't meet our expectations, we complain about how bad, boring, dreary, or what a waste of time it all was.

If you watched the Super Bowl, did you do it with friends? Did you and your friends have a good time? Did you have enough food to keep you satisfied?

And this may be the most important thing we learn from this year's Super Bowl: we may not always be entertained, we may not always have our expectations met, some days aren't as exciting as others, but being able to participate in the event is more important than whether or not the event meets our expectations.



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