Wednesday Word: Scarred and Dented

The other day I happened to be doing nothing in particular but sitting in my chair. I may have been pondering how I was going to tackle the next sermon. I may have been taking a break from researching something or another. I may have been trying to formulate the words of a letter just right. But at some point I happened to look down at my wedding ring. I'm probably not the only person to mindlessly looks at their ring at various times or for various reasons, so this is nothing new.

What was new, however, was that I suddenly noticed, and paid attention to, a few things about that ring.

As I looked closely, I noticed several scratches, dents, and mars in the wide band. These are really only noticeable if you take a close look. Another thing I noticed was that all the blacking was gone. The diamonds in it are placed at an angle, and there are two channels carved into either side of the diamonds. Originally the area behind the diamonds and the channels were blacked, and the combination of that blacking against the gold ring was amazing.

But over the years, that blacking is all gone. The gold has dulled somewhat. The body of the ring is marked with a few scars and dents here and there. My marriage to Joelene may have lost some of its luster over time. It has a few scars and dents that a 30-year relationship endures. But the ring is still there and the marriage is still intact.

This being Lent, I also saw this as symbolizing my relationship with God. There are times when it is shinier than others. It has been scarred and dented over the years. I have been scarred and dented over the years. I'm sure that I have scarred and dented God at times. But the relationship is still intact.

In Lent we bring our scars, dents, and other imperfections into the light. We acknowledge to God and others that we are not perfect. We admit to God and others our various shortcomings. But through it all, the ring is still there and the relationship is still intact.

This Lent, know that no matter how many scars and dents you have, God still loves you.



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