Wednesday Word: Power

Power is an interesting thing. We tend to think of power as equal to strength or force. Military power, for example. Or physical strength and power. Or maybe we think of power as equal to control.

But is that what power really is?

In the Gospel of John, Jesus and Pilate have a discussion about what power is and who holds it. I've pointed out several times that part of the reason we are to forgive others is so that their harmful actions will not hold power over us. The power of the Civil Rights movement, while not completely fulfilled, stood in the face of violence and hatred. Many martial arts are predicated on the transference of power; ie using the strength and aggressiveness of the other to your advantage. We used to think that death had power over us, but Christ destroyed that power through the power of his resurrection.

In our journey with Christ, we learn about a different kind of power – a power based on the love of God. This is a power that stands in the face of evil to proclaim the love of God to all. This is a power that says, “We are not afraid.” This is a power that says life is changed, not ended. There is a power in living in the assured grace of God.

It's not always easy, but it's powerful.

As we move through the Easter season, may we continue to find places of resurrection. May we continue to find opportunities to proclaim the Good News of God in Christ. May we continue to grow in our discipleship and faithfulness, as our own resurrection energies and abilities are released into the world.

That is a powerful witness.

Alleluia! Christ is risen!



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