Wednesday Word: God in the Chaos

Where is God in this? How can I find grace in even the worst of circumstances? – From the Fourth Wednesday of Advent meditation, I Witness, by the Rev. Kate Moorhead.

This has been a rough week.

On Sunday I took Communion to a person on hospice. She was alert but due to a stroke at some point in her life it was extremely difficult to communicate with her. On Sunday afternoon my normal discussion group for the above book was sabotaged by a computer that decided to not recognize any internet connections, thereby making it impossible to hold that discussion; and I was ultimately unsuccessful in getting the group up and running on my phone. Later that evening I was informed that one of our parishioners suffered a major heart attack and the prognosis is not good. The office is abuzz with activity as we finalize bulletins, try to wrap up pledge/budget issues, and whatever other end of year business needs to be worked on. I fielded two calls from people looking for shelter due to being evicted. Soundings articles and reports were due yesterday. There's a Vestry meeting tonight.

It has been, and continues to be, a rough week.

In reflecting on the events of this week so far, the meditation questions for today are particularly apt: Where is God in this? How can I find grace in even the worst of circumstances?

There was grace in that simple Communion service with an uncommunicative person. Even though we couldn't connect through speech, there was a throaty, raspy cadence as I recited the Lord's Prayer, and there was a sense of understanding as I placed a small, wine-dipped host on her tongue. God was present.

When my computer was being difficult and I was unable to get the Zoom meeting going for our weekly discussion, there didn't seem to be much grace around. But when I came into the office on Monday and opened up my e-mail, I found several messages from participants who were concerned that I was sick, having another bout of vertigo, or that some other unfortunate event had befallen me. Grace was in their concern for my well-being.

When I was informed of a parishioner's heart attack, hospitalization, and poor prognosis, I'm sure his wife was asking, “Where's God?” But even in that awful event, grace could be found in the support she is receiving from any number of people.

Things are not always easy and sometimes things can be extremely difficult – especially when they happen in the midst of a holiday that's touted as “the most wonderful time of the year.” But in those difficult times, or in the worst of circumstances, if you are able, take a step back, slow down, and ask yourself, “How can I find grace in the midst of this?” It may not make things any easier, but it will help remind you that, even in the worst of circumstances, God is with you.

In whatever you are doing, or whatever you are going through this week, may you have a blessed Christmas.


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