Wednesday Word: Follow

We have gone to the tomb only to find it empty. Christ has been resurrected. Through his death and resurrection we have been given new life.

In this Easter season we have experienced the joy of resurrection. We have also had our doubts. The resurrection stories are full of joy and doubt: the initial news as told by the women; the ten disciples telling Thomas; all of the disciples at the Ascension. Joy and doubt seem to go hand in hand when talking about the resurrection. But that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Doubt leaves room for questions and learning. It leaves room for people to explore their faith. A faith that can doubt is a faith that can question and wrestle. Jacob wrestled with God. Gideon had doubts. Almost every prophet exclaimed, “Not me!” Mary pondered things in her heart. Jesus may have wrestled with his call during those 40 days in the wilderness. But note that none of those people who doubted and wrestled quit following God.

We have seen the empty tomb. We have encountered the risen Christ. We have joy and we have doubts. In that joy and in those doubts, let us continue to follow the one who has destroyed death and claimed the victory of life.

Because it's in the continual following where our faith is strengthened.

Alleluia! Christ is risen!



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