Wednesday Word: 4th of July Links

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, the day we celebrate our independence from England. But if we go further back, we come to the point when the Pilgrims arrived in the “New World” to establish a colony where they could practice their form of religion. They had left England because they suffered harassment, fines, and jail time, and they were looking to escape persecution at the hands of both the English government and church. In short, the Pilgrims were both political and religious refugees.

We are currently experiencing and witnessing the abuse and mistreatment of refugees by people who have forgotten this most basic piece of our history, as well as by “bible-believing” people who have forgotten (or simply ignore) what God says about how to treat aliens in our midst.

Several people have asked me how they can help, or where they can donate, to assist those in need. Here is a list of some places that are addressing this problem directly:

http://www.americangateways.org/ – American Gateways provides legal services

https://www.facebook.com/angrytiasandabuelas/ – Angry Tias & Abuelas offers financial aid, transportation, and emergency necessities

https://annunciationhouse.org/ – Annunciation House is a family shelter

https://www.houstonimmigration.org/members/bakerripley/ – Houston Immigration Legal Services

http://www.dmrs-ep.org/ – Diocesan Migrant and Refugee Services is a legal aid clinic

https://immigrantfamiliestogether.com/ – Immigrant Families Together focuses on family reunification

https://www.immigrantjusticenow.org/current-initiatives – Immigrant Justice Now offers supplies and necessities

https://interfaithwelcomecoalition.org/ – Interfaith Welcome Coalition gives overnight shelter and transportation

http://njfon.org/ – Justice for Our Neighbors provides free/low-cost legal aid

https://supportkind.org/ – Kids In Need of Defense represents unaccompanied children

https://lppshelter.org/ – La Posada Providencia (emergency shelter for men, women, & families)

https://las-americas.org/ – Las Americas (legal assistance for low-income immigrants)

https://www.thanksgiving.org/?fbclid=IwAR0WWkl9jo5TIoKahEkR-bhY4QppLTsIZx6x9YhuywG8OPtSCJ9Fu3evG28 – Thanks-Giving Foundation partners with Oak Lawn Methodist Church Respite Center for additional shelter

https://vvbhcoalition.com/ – Val Verde Border Humanitarian Coalition offers access to immediate needs

https://togetherrising.org/ – Together Rising collects donations toward reunification of families

https://episcopalmigrationministries.org/ – Episcopal Migration Ministries helps to resettle immigrants

May you have a happy Independence Day celebration, and may we never forget that we are a country of refugees.



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