Unfinished Business

For the past few weeks I have been packing up my office and winding things down.

Three weeks ago I resigned from the HARC Board. A week after that I attended my final HARC community meeting. Somewhere in there I tendered my resignation from Diocesan Council.

Last week I packed up the almost-final boxes in the office, leaving just a few things out that I still need, or didn't have a box the right size, or am waiting for my last day before closing up. Sunday afternoon, after the rain stopped, some friends met me and Joelene at the office and we hauled all the boxes to the house where they are now in the garage. This accomplishes two things: 1) it allows the interim rector immediate use of the space without having to deal with my stuff; and 2) it allows the moving company to only make one stop when picking up our things.

Speaking of the interim rector, I've been busy creating a list of people who need to be seen, as well as an extensive list of things they will need to know about (the computers, email, phone, Zoom, Discretionary Account, etc.) in the hopes of allowing them an easy beginning. On top of that, I've also been cleaning and organizing files and work spaces so they will hopefully have what they need where they need it.

I also had Melonie run copies of the September bulletins so they can get a feel for what our liturgy has looked like. It doesn't include everything, of course, but it should give them a good starting point.

Personally, Joelene and I have, we think, finally settled on a plan. Our house here in Hagerstown doesn't look like it's going to sell anytime soon. That has put a hold on us purchasing a house in Buffalo. So the plan is for me to head to Wyoming with as many necessities as can fit into my little Honda Fit and rent a small apartment. Joelene will stay here, continuing to work at Robinwood, and look over the house until such time that it sells. When that happens, we'll look for a permanent home and complete the move at that time.

There is much that has been done. There is much that has yet to be done. And no matter how much we manage to finish or accomplish, there is always more yet to be done; because, really, we are never completely finished, we just wrap things up as best we can.

I'm reminded that the only person who was truly able to say, “It is finished,” was Jesus. For the rest of us, the unfinished business remains.

May you continue the good work that has been started,


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