Yesterday was the first day of a new thing.

New things are all around us at this time of year. The first day of Spring was earlier this week. We are preparing for Holy Week and the Day of Resurrection, a new creation, a new thing Jesus did in his victory over death.

Yesterday, however, was the first day of John Sabine's tenure with Saint John's as our next Minister of Music.

As usual, there was all the first day paperwork that needed to be filled out. He had to submit pieces of identification – One from Column A and One from Column B, or Two from Column C – or however that works. A key was issued. He's going to work on recording his office voicemail. Business cards are being lined up. And on and on and on.

It was also the first day that he and I worked together as priest and musician. We went over the upcoming Sunday service. We discussed Holy Week for a time. We talked about liturgical keys. And we think we covered enough so Sunday worship will be good.

Under better circumstances, we could take some of this slow; but we find ourselves trying to come together as a team during the rush of Holy Week.

Ultimately that's okay – because if we can get through this, we are sure to get through anything.

Holy Week is almost here, as is the new thing that Jesus did with his Passion and Resurrection. John's tenure is just beginning, and this is also a new thing as we all learn to worship with a new player. As I told him in our meeting today, he and I are learning the liturgical dance. It may take a bit, but we'll get there.

I hope that you will make plans to join us for this new thing – new musician, new personality, new life after the Passion and Resurrection.

Newness abounds, and that's a good thing.


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