Reach Cold Weather Shelter

Peter, Peter pumpkin eater…the old woman who lived in a shoe…ah, if it were only that easy, there would be homes for everyone. Sadly, this is no nursery rhyme, this is no fantasy – there are hundreds of homeless folk right here in Washington County and there is a great need for the Reach cold weather shelter AND for volunteers during St. John‘s week February 28 through March 5. 

A variety of tasks, shifts and chores are available…stop by the table at the Antietam Street entrance, visit with Becca Burford and Teresa Taylor in person between services or via email: (Becca) or phone 301-471-1947 (Becca) or (Teresa) 301-471-4512. 

Betty Markle has graciously agreed to handle the coordination of all the kitchen duties. Please contact her directly to offer your assistance in that area.

To learn more you can visit the Reach website

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