Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Christian Education: Saint John’s offers Christian Education for youth on Sunday mornings at 9 a.m. Classes for children ages 4 through high school meet in the classrooms above Trimble Hall.  New participants are always welcome. 

Adult Forum: The Diversity of Early Christianity ~ Some hold the view that Jesus was the real “founder of Christianity” and that Paul distorted the Jesus movement because of his own personality, or that Paul is the real “inventor of the Christ cult.”  Both distort by oversimplifying.  Indeed, the Book of Acts itself places Paul in the midst of a larger and more complex movement involving many people. Join us in Saint Mary’s Chapel following the 8:00 a.m. service as we follow the story beyond the Sunday school teachings of your childhood.

Jazz Concert performed by the Mark Andrew Cook Jazz Group, today at the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts, 2:30 p.m. The museum currently has an exhibit entitled “Blues and the  Abstract Truth.” Mark Cook has designed a presentation in concert with this theme entitled “Blues as an Abstract Truth.” Through music, the group will explore how the Blues have evolved throughout the indigenous American Jazz style. Free for Washington County Museum of Fine Arts members, $10 for the general public.

Calling all Artisans, Musicians, Crafters and Bakers for Saint John’s First Artisan’s Fair!  On Nov. 16, we will be inviting the public to come and see the beautiful things, music and food that our parishioners make. We are seeking donations of handmade art or craft items and baked goods, the full proceeds of the sale will go towards the designated charities. Lunch will also be available at the Fair, with music provided by a variety of musical talent from within the parish. All proceeds from the Fair will go to Micah’s Backpack and Saint John’s Shelter.  Rebecca Connor and Jill Speelman are co-chairing the Artisan’s Fair. Questions can be directed to Rebecca at rebeccaconnor@gmail.com or 615-585-2118.



Micah’s Backpack iscurrently in need of the following items:

Mac n Cheese boxes                                        Raisin individual boxes

Vanilla and chocolate pudding cups                  Jello cups

NO CRACKERS, please.

Thanksgiving Pies: Thanksgiving is a little over a month away! And, do you know where you are getting your pumpkin pie? Well, look no further! The Service and Outreach Commission will be selling their premium pies and cheesecake again this year. This year's selection will include apple and pumpkin pies for $12 and apple-cranberry-walnut, cherry, pecan-cheesecake pies for $15. These pies are in deep dish ten-inch pie pans. You may purchase them freshly baked or frozen, ready to bake. They are truly a wonderful compliment to any holiday meal. SOC will also be selling cheesecakes for $25. You will not want to miss Gerrie Mangum's delicious lemony cheesecake! New to this year's St. John's bakery will be Pumpkin Cheesecake.   Both cheesecakes are 9 inches of pure, creamy deliciousness.  It's the holidays.....go ahead and treat yourself. Both can  be  frozen for  later entertaining  too.  Pie sales  will begin Sunday, October 27. Last year we

baked 135 pies. Please help us set a new record! All proceeds from our fourth annual Thanksgiving pie sales will support Service and Outreach projects. Questions may be directed to Bruce Massey, 240-675-4498.  Thank you!

Do you have plans for Thanksgiving? Fixing dinner for family? Going to visit family or friends? Not sure what you are doing yet? Saint John’s has been so generous with their support of the Café over the years that Susan and I wanted to do something to show our appreciation. So we would like to propose reviving what, according to what we have heard, was a tradition of having Thanksgiving Dinner at the Church. This would be a Parish Family event so we could give thanks to the parish for their support, not only to the Café, but to all of the outreach programs that we all contribute to. We would prepare the turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes and you bring a side dish to share. If you don’t have plans consider joining us and bringing your family and friends! Starting this week there will be a sign-up sheet at the Antietam Street entrance. Please lets us know how many would be coming and what dish you are going to bring. Where: Trimble Hall When: Thanksgiving Day at 1:00 p.m.

Bester School’s Young Student Needs – Sometimes when small accidents happen to young students at school, they need to change their underwear.  Bester does not have an infinite supply to offer, so for years, St. John’s has helped to provide. Again this year, we ask for donations of underwear for both boys and girls in sizes 4, 6, and 8.  (Please no boxers or bikinis.)  Contact Lou Lamb (301)437-5704 with your greatly appreciated donations. Thank you.

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